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This poem is heavily inspired by a piece I read, written by someone vey close to me. The pieces are not the same, however, they are very similar, and for that reason I will not be taking any credit for this piece. I just thought it was too raw and mind-provoking not to share.

The original writer does not want to be named.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


I have spoken to God

And it is my right

To take to the streets

No questions or blight,

I must help the poor

To win their fight.

Societal mending and

Poverty ending

Will all be on my agenda.

I must do good for the church, for

God and for the world.

But, before I tend to the poor

I must find a camera

And hit record, to show

Just how good my heart is

With a vlog.

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Grow up

Life is incredible

When you’re flying close to the sun.

But you better watch out,

Too close and you’ll burn.


It’s all fun and games until someone

Gets hurt.

I’ll get the blame,

For fucking caring too much.


Well, I’m done caring,

About what people think.

You don’t know shit about me,

Despite what you like to think.


I’m standing tall on my own two feet

I faced my fears, I found out

who I am supposed to be.


I didn’t stop to let you taunt me.

I didn’t shed any tears.

This will all come back to haunt you.

The way that you made me feel.


Your bullshit, it’ll drown you,

Pull you to the bottom of the pool

Because everyone is changing, for the better,

You should too.

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You think I’m ungrateful.

I’m not,

I’m grateful for every single thing

That I’ve got.


I don’t say it much,

I find it hard to show,

How much I appreciate you

From head to toe.


The sacrifices you’ve made

Cut deep and sore.

You gave up your life for me,

For us to have more.


I know how much you love me,

Even when it doesn’t show.

I wish I could repay you

Plus a thousand times more.


I’m all grown up now,

A woman of 18. And I’d like

To thank you for helping

Me to be me.

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Blood Means Nothing

I have been waiting for you.

Look me in the eye.

Did your macho male instincts

Attaint paternity?


A penny away from poverty.

A life you wouldn’t wish your worst


Yet, I wear your face.


You took a young hand,

Not so sweet. A thousand words were spoken by your actions.


I’ll burn away your sins.

I’ve got the spirit, do you

Feel it now?

I’m watching you, I take no pity on you,

As you walk the Valley of Ashes.


You speak false words.

A stretch of the truth crashing

Down to kill you.

What do I mean to you, tainted?


A duel of personalities;

You’re Jekyll and Hyde.

Blood means nothing

When self is your god.

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Sick Minds

We are a social media generation.

But we aren’t social at all.

You see what you want to see.

With rose-tinted glasses

You scroll, like a picture, post on your wall.

Like after like, you must be liked.


No, that isn’t the case at all.

Head hunched forward, avoiding my

Eye contact, yet you look me up.

Everybody’s lives are like an open book.


Privacy is disregarded.

Your whole life is shared online.

Open your eyes, you are hypnotised,

A hypocrite.

Overdosing on pointless posts and likes.


You film your surroundings,

To give your life some meaning.

You are drunk on your ‘picture perfect’ life.

But I see

Through your inebriation.


You show yourself as beautiful, not a fault

To be seen. But I’m not blind

To your reflectionless imitation.

You’re jaded and overrated.

Flaws are what make us unique.

We are not a cyborg generation of repeat; repeat.


Yes, it is true, everyone is given

A voice, and for that, I am grateful.

Yet, our conservative nature as a species

Stamps on any sign of light.

Our social programming and bias take full flight.


You are neck deep in the shit that you read.

Moulded by the words of others deemed ‘great’.

Your precious gift of self is raped.

If you can’t be yourself,

You’d be better dead.


You shun, block, and label those

Who are not alike.

Those who chose to speak up, who use their voice to fight,

Are labelled controversial,


Burned on sight.


Social media presents life on a global


I give you this part of me.

Yet, you are trapped in a box,

Mind decorated like a grave.



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Here is a poem I wrote. It is inspired and is sort of a play on words of the song ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ by Joy Division. It is about my feelings towards animal captivity, whether it be in zoos or circuses etc.

This poem was originally supposed to be a portfolio piece but I didn’t end up using it for various reasons. I wrote it because I was required to, not because I wanted to and that’s where I think I went wrong with this poem. However, I do like it and hope you all do too.


Welcome, welcome all,

Zoo gates open wide,

With morbid curiosity, the crowd pay to come inside,

For entertainment, they watch the animals suffer and fit,

Oblivious to the light behind the animals’ eyes saying, “I deserve to live.”


In cages, they are forced to entertain us to survive,

Every jump, hop, and roar adds a day to their lives.

But the sickness of us all drowns out their helpless cries,

Quick, we better pray to God he ends their lives.


If you stay, you’ll witness more horror

Huge elephants in tiny cages, and polar bears with no water.

If they don’t entertain, they will be sent to the slaughter,

You’ll witness mass murder; you’ll wish they never caught her.


We sit and watch these mighty beasts suffer

With smiles, and love, and a curiosity like no other

Like moths to a flame; we are drawn to oddities,

But one thing we fail to see is the sheer atrocity.