On Poetry

I have always believed that it is extremely important to study, create and learn about art from a very young age. However, it is never too late to start. Poetry is a way to understand language and emotion- it is a way to express deep feelings, ideas, and aesthetics. In the words of Roger Housden, […]

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I suppose this was written about how I used to often feel guilty about not writing anything for a period of time, and would often try to force myself to write and be creative when I had no inspiration. I would feel bad about myself as I was not meeting self-expectations. Recently, I have not […]

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I will.

I stand on the tips of my toes Turning black and blue and cracking My heart and shattering my lucid dreams. I am a leader with no one to lead. I am a creator with nothing to create. I am a lover with nothing to love.   I try To dance elegantly across the public […]

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I am numb to the blue blood coursing through my veins I am so creative that I am no longer sane When I can’t. My mind fucking explodes 20 times A day, but one less and I can’t see straight.   I rely on my creativity to identify, but I cannot find myself when my […]

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Common People

We are broken bones In slumped, half-filled sacks, Monotonously marching With unfulfilled regularity. Left, right, left right, Hypnotised by the drum of our Classist society; Dictated and poisoned By our desire to Medicate happiness.

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Our little island is like a sandcastle By the sea When the tide is out.   But the dark mercury line In the little black thermometer Rises like a dying star in the sky. We penetrate   the crust of our earth, for what she holds close to her core. And heat rises gently touching […]

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Day Light

Midnight lights show impressionable Wallflowers an undertow of happiness That they will ever only feel the impression of.   Depersonalisation inducing drugs Flow through roots, Through stems and remove the beautiful Colour that once was held.   Day lights deafen impressionable Wallflowers to the music others dance too. Removing the flickering flame that was once […]

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My poetry is not about if you like it. My poetry is about my life. My love. My Hate. My experiences, my thoughts. My beliefs. My heart, my soul and my mind. My poetry is mine, and how dare You defile it with your ignorance. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Twitter: ionalilnic Instagram: Ionalilynicol Facebook: Iona Lily Nicol

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I am really tired today, so this is what I have written in my, what seems like perpetualy tired state. ______________________________________________   I want to peel my eyes open With a sharp blade. My mind stays in its perpetual haze, Sunken into dark, hollow crevices, Feeling every aspect of hidden pain.   I count down […]

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Until I wake again.

I woke up today. But without myself.   I stand on the edge of sanity Feet burning, soul sold to the devil As I walk across hot coals.   I reach up and bite the sun, Boarding up my shattered glass eyes. I reach up and bite the moon And taste her dark, rotting fruit. […]

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