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When I close my eyes

When I close my eyes,


Serenity, eternal sleep.

My mind stops whirring a million miles a minute.

The whole world drops dead.


When I blink with heavy lids

I think. I think.

I’d be much happier if I didn’t think.


When I blink with heavy lids

The world taints me.

Dirty, dangerous, derogatory.

I am terrified of the dark being that,

Breeds inside of us all.



When I blink with heavy lids

The rain smacks down hard.

The lightning strikes, trees crack.


When I close my eyes

The rain stops. My mind stops.

The world drops dead.

This is how we all ought to be.

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God created this world in seven days.

An abundance of animals, plants and humans.

A beautiful place, plentiful flora and fauna,

A paradise.


We humans, are the smartest.

We have cars, electricity, Power and



That’s all that is important now.

Improve, Money, Power,

Power, Fame, Popularity.

Humanity is tearing itself apart.


Pollution for improvement.

Global warming in our environment.

Humans come first? Let’s think about

The most important entity we have harassed.


God created the world in 7 days?

We humans, are on a path of destruction.

Not even God can save us now.

God is dead and soon humanity will follow.

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Sweet Nectar

Music gives meaning to life. 

It permeates my body,

The notes in my veins like,


Sweet nectar of pain,

Sweet nectar of mine.

Music is like a drug,


It brings out the happiness in pain,

The pain in happiness.

It shows that the world isn’t so,


It takes me higher than the clouds,


It takes me to another place,


Music is lifes greatest high.

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Dear Classmates

Dear classmates of 2017,

We have had a good run.

Now it is time to

Go forth and catch your dreams.


Life is cruel, yet it is an unmissable opportunity.

University will be tough and finances

Will be rough.


Pressure will mount

To unbearable heights, and you might

Want to give up.


But let that be a bluff. Push passed this,

And proceed. Make your mark

On the world, for you are a spark

Waiting to Ignite.


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Here is a poem I wrote. It is inspired and is sort of a play on words of the song ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ by Joy Division. It is about my feelings towards animal captivity, whether it be in zoos or circuses etc.

This poem was originally supposed to be a portfolio piece but I didn’t end up using it for various reasons. I wrote it because I was required to, not because I wanted to and that’s where I think I went wrong with this poem. However, I do like it and hope you all do too.


Welcome, welcome all,

Zoo gates open wide,

With morbid curiosity, the crowd pay to come inside,

For entertainment, they watch the animals suffer and fit,

Oblivious to the light behind the animals’ eyes saying, “I deserve to live.”


In cages, they are forced to entertain us to survive,

Every jump, hop, and roar adds a day to their lives.

But the sickness of us all drowns out their helpless cries,

Quick, we better pray to God he ends their lives.


If you stay, you’ll witness more horror

Huge elephants in tiny cages, and polar bears with no water.

If they don’t entertain, they will be sent to the slaughter,

You’ll witness mass murder; you’ll wish they never caught her.


We sit and watch these mighty beasts suffer

With smiles, and love, and a curiosity like no other

Like moths to a flame; we are drawn to oddities,

But one thing we fail to see is the sheer atrocity.