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A Dream Too Big

We are born dreaming, so dream big,

Reach for what’s beyond you.

Each time growing closer and,

Closer, to what you really want.


Dreams are the lies that we

Don’t speak.

Played in our minds every night

On repeat.


Dreams are a reminder of the

Guilty pleasures we seek,

Desires we wouldn’t dare utter;

Embarrassment peaks.


Dreams allow us to reach for the

Success we will never truly have.

As one day you wake, aged, and one by one

The petals of the beautiful flower you have grown


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Grow up

Life is incredible

When you’re flying close to the sun.

But you better watch out,

Too close and you’ll burn.


It’s all fun and games until someone

Gets hurt.

I’ll get the blame,

For fucking caring too much.


Well, I’m done caring,

About what people think.

You don’t know shit about me,

Despite what you like to think.


I’m standing tall on my own two feet

I faced my fears, I found out

who I am supposed to be.


I didn’t stop to let you taunt me.

I didn’t shed any tears.

This will all come back to haunt you.

The way that you made me feel.


Your bullshit, it’ll drown you,

Pull you to the bottom of the pool

Because everyone is changing, for the better,

You should too.