This blog is an outlet for the plethora of ideas and views that are constantly buzzing around my brain.

I have grown up knowing that my mind is always creating; from imaginary friends to creating stories about people I don’t know to pass time.

As the years have passed, I have discovered that writing is the best way to channel my ideas and views, and while I am studying journalism, creative writing and poetry are my favourite means of expression.

I adore taking an idea or a view I have of the world or my life, and turning it into a story or poem in which the characters I create live it out.

I can’t just merely think and feel and allow my thoughts to build up, I must always express the thousands of ideas that are bombarding my being in order to feel sane.

This blog will enable me to share my views and ideas with others. I immensely enjoy writing in itself, but a goal of mine is for others to also find relation and solace upon reading my work.